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Photo by John Renfro

Welcome to a brand new look at fitness.  You've tried health clubs, running, weight training, team sports, extreme sports, fad diets, health resorts, meditation, and medication.  But you still feel lacking in some abilities.  Perhaps it's strength, or endurance, or flexibility.  Maybe you want to increase eye-hand coordination or agility.  Or, perhaps you are a "couch potato" who seeks some internal fulfillment that gives you a feeling of being "fit".


Fitnastiks is a way of life that constantly seeks to expand your fitness "envelope".  For those of you skiing, swimming, cycling or spinning, Fitnastiks may add a missing element to your fitness regimen.  And if you are more into aerobics, martial arts, yoga or dance, you may profit from the many benefits Fitnastiks has to offer.  Finally, for those of you who feel you are not "fit" or are turned off by traditional fitness protocols, we urge you to discover Fitnastiks and see how easy it is to maintain an active lifestyle.

Fitnastiks uses elements from all sports, especially gymnastics, yoga, martial arts and dance, to develop a way of looking at fitness that seeks to fit your desired level of participation and activities into your present life style.  Conversely, Fitnastiks may help you to change your present lifestyle to one that maximizes your level of activity.  In any case, Fitnastiks is for everyone, from children to adults, including seniors.  Browse through our site and discover what Fitnastiks can do for you.  Let us know what you think.  We hope you can join the growing number of people who are making Fitnastiks the fitness lifestyle of the new millennium.


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