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Photos and results from the 4th Annual Gym Masters Classic (June 29, 2003)

All Photos taken by John Renfro




Competitors lined up and ready to go!


Masako competing on the uneven bars - good job Masako!! Masako did a great beam routine with no falls! Masako competing bars and beam



April landing her handspring vault April landing her handspring vault
Ross finishing his high bar routine Ross finishing his high bar routine. 
Coach Mike won the handstand contest with a perfect handstand Coach Mike won the handstand contest (no walking!) with a perfect handstand.
Dawnielle on the tumble trak Dawnielle on the tumble trak
Anna performing a double back off bars Anna competing a double back off the bars
Molly Vaultiing Molly Downs on vault
ShariWeb.jpg (117894 bytes) Shari Houser finishing her bar routine
BeckyBHSWeb.jpg (53324 bytes) Becky Postmus doing a backhandspring on beam with Anna spotting

Results from Gym Masters Classic IV (June 29, 2003)

Great Gymnastics on a Hot, Southern California Day  

"Something for everyone"

The Gym Masters Classic IV took place on Sunday, June 29, 2003, on a hot, sunny, southern California day, and featured some exceptional gymnastics from individuals of different ages and different skill levels.  Nine women and eleven men performed on the traditional Olympic events as well as on the tumble track.  In addition, performers enjoyed themselves trying to see who could balance on their hands the longest, as well as who could race, or, in some cases, walk, on their hands the fastest.  Anna Mitescu, a 28 year-old lawyer who is also a part-time gymnastics coach, dominated this year's event by scoring over 9.0 in all four women's apparatus and capturing the All-around title with 37.70 points.  Anna's well-performed 1.5-twisting back layout on floor, double-back dismount on uneven bars, and pike Tsukahara vault impressed the supportive crowd of about 60 spectators. Somewhat surprisingly, Anna was followed very closely by Masako Kardos, a 45 year-old mother of three, who placed second to Anna in two of the four Olympic apparatus, scoring higher than five other younger women.  Other female standouts included Dawnielle Patino, who competed on the four Olympic events as well as on the Tumble Track, managing an All-around score of 32.60 points, and Angela Stirnaman, a 20 year-old who performed a very solid floor exercise routine.  Angela also impressed the spectators by winning the handstand race for the women and almost beating out the men's winner in a sudden-death winner's heat.

For the men,  this year's Gym Masters Classic saw impressive performances from the younger set, although a very interesting battle developed over the All-around title between a 46 year-old and a 48 year-old.  First, there was 26 year-old Larry Neberman who solidly captured the floor exercise and vault with scores of 9.0 and 8.1, respectively.  Newcomer Kevin Desrosier, a 17 year-old student and part-time coach, performed an exhibition (no score) on the floor exercise.  Because Kevin is younger than 18 years of age, his performance could not be counted against the other competitors, however, his performance was good enough to be competitive with the best score of the day.  Kevin also captured the men's handstand contest and won the men's handstand race and the sudden-death heat against Angela Stirnaman.  Ty Binfet, a 39 year-old professor of Educational Psychology at Loyola Marymount, and a former Canadian Trampoline team member, scored an 8.9 on the tumble track, showing some impressive tumbling skills in his three passes.  The spectators witnessed a battle developing between 46 year-old Robert Levin and 48 year-old Ross Shaw for the All-around title.  These two individuals, in the same age group and the only men vying for the All-around title, battled back and forth, with Robert winning two events and Ross beating him out in the other two.  At the end of the day, the winner was decided by a mere 4 tenths of one point, with Ross Shaw coming out on top. Notably absent from this year's Gym Masters Classic was Tom Phillipbar, who won the Still Rings competition the previous three years.  Tom had to pull out of this year's competition at the last minute due to an injury, but he remained in the crowd to cheer his teammates.

The Gym Masters Classic IV is now history.  The many people who made this year's Classic a success include the many volunteers who helped with registration, scoring, awards and photography.  Daniel Goglanian did an excellent job of announcing and keeping the crowd informed of the activities.  The judges for this year's Gym Masters Classic were Paul and Linda Tickenoff, and Frank Endo, who received a standing ovation by a very appreciative crowd. 

Gym Masters Classic IV Final Results




All Around 

Anna Mitescu (25-29)     37.70 

Dawnielle Patino (25-29)  32.60 

Jessica OíBeirne (25-29)  31.00  

Masako Kardos (45-49)   25.20 (3 events)  


Womenís Tumble Trak 

Dawnielle Patino (25-29)  8.50  


Womenís Tumbling 

Molly Downs (18-24)     7.40  


Womenís Vault 

Molly Downs (18-24)        8.00  

Anna Mitescu (25-29)       9.00 

Dawnielle Patino (25-29)   8.10 

Becky Postmus (25-29)     8.60 

Jessica OíBeirne (25-29)    7.80  

April Littlejohn (35-39)      7.40  


Womenís Uneven Bars 

Molly Downs (18-24)       7.40  

Anna Mitescu (25-29)      9.50 

Dawnielle Patino (25-29)  7.80 

Becky Postmus (25-29)    8.10 

Jessica OíBeirne (25-29)   7.30  

Shari Houser (30-34)        8.00  

Masako Kardos (45-49)     8.40  


Womenís Balance Beam 

Anna Mitescu (25-29)     9.80 

Dawnielle Patino (25-29)  7.80 

Becky Postmus (25-29)    7.50 

Jessica OíBeirne (25-29)   7.40  

Masako Kardos (45-49)    8.30  


Womenís Floor Exercise 

Angela Stirnaman (18-24) 8.80  

Anna Mitescu (25-29)     9.40 

Dawnielle Patino (25-29)  8.90 

Jessica OíBeirne (25-29)   8.50  

Masako Kardos (45-49)    8.50     



All Around 

Robert Levin (45-49)       28.20 (4 events) 

Ross Shaw (45-49)         28.60 (4 events)  


Menís Tumble Trak 

Tyler (Ty) Binfet (35-39)  8.90  


Menís Tumbling 

Nick Garcia (18-24)         6.20  


Menís Floor Exercise 

Kevin Desrosiers (Exh)     N/S  

Larry Neberman (25-29)   9.00  

Robert Levin (45-49)       7.50 

Ross Shaw (45-49)         7.10  


Menís Pommel Horse 

Dean Patton (45-49)      6.90


Menís Still Rings 

Nate Freund (18-24)      6.00  

Ross Shaw (45-49)        7.00  


Menís Vault 

Larry Neberman (25-29)  8.10 

Anthony Vankirk (25-29) 7.50  

Randy Alporque (40-44)  8.00  

Robert Levin (45-49)      7.30 

Ross Shaw (45-49)        7.00  


Menís Parallel Bars 

Nate Freund (18-24)      5.00  

Anthony Vankirk (25-29) 7.20  

Randy Alporque (40-44)  7.50 

Jeff Larson (40-44)        6.80  

Robert Levin (45-49)      6.60  


Menís Horizontal Bar 

Robert Levin (45-49)     6.80 

Ross Shaw (45-49)       7.50


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