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Photos and results from the 5th Annual Gym Masters Classic (June 6, 2004)

All Photos taken by John Renfro


Start001web.jpg (256600 bytes) Competitors line up before the competition
BB-012Web.jpg (77903 bytes) Kat on beam
BB-014Web.jpg (74542 bytes)  BB-019web.jpg (156461 bytes) April competing her beam routine
HandstandWeb.jpg (344221 bytes) Handstand contest
MHB-001web.jpg (101387 bytes) Anthony competing on high bar
MSR-001web.jpg (149771 bytes) Tom doing his iron cross on still rings
Mrope-003web.jpg (264039 bytes) Sanford climbing the rope
Wrope-004web.jpg (127729 bytes) Bonnie Burrow during the rope climb competition
WV-004web.jpg (209992 bytes) Jennifer Bingham on vault
WV-015web.jpg (188965 bytes) Becky competing a handspring full vault

Results from Gym Masters Classic V (June 6, 2004)

Seniors Shine at Gym Masters Classic V

73 year-old Sandy Werner and 71 year-old Bob Hammond were battling it out to see who could climb a 20 foot rope the fastest.  Not on a dare, but, rather, because both have been climbing 20 and 25 foot ropes for more than 50 years.  Although much slower than they were 50 years ago, when they were both climbing in near record time, somewhere just under three seconds, these men today still climb a rope faster than most people half their age, including experienced athletes, and that’s without using their feet!  On this day, Sandy beat out his long-time friend and fellow competitor as he clambered up the rope to tap the metal pan at the top in just over six seconds.  Bob’s best time out of three tries was just under seven seconds.

Watching these “youngsters” do their thing was just one of the many thrilling experiences of the fifth annual Gym Masters Classic (GMC-V), held in Aliso Viejo, California, on Sunday, June 6, 2004.  The Gym Masters Classic is an open gymnastics competition for adults 18 years old and older.  On this day, Sandy and Bob would find themselves battling for second and third place as 53 year-old William Goodwin managed to reach the top in less than five seconds to capture the top score in that event.  “It’s all technique” said Phuong Phung, a 34 year-old newcomer who had difficulty matching the times of Sandy and Bob. 

One of the more interesting aspects of the GMC is seeing older gymnasts beat out much stronger, younger gymnasts.  Is it technique?  Ask Masako Kardos, who, at 46 years of age, beat out several much younger women on the uneven parallel bars.  Masako gave no hint of being the “older” athlete as she twirled around the bar doing giant swings and eventually performing a double back flip dismount.  Her score of 8.7 was only one tenth of a point less than the highest score in that event.  What made this performance so dramatic is that Masako has only recently mastered these skills and appears to be improving more and more as the years go by.  Then there was 49 year-old Ross Shaw who performed a handspring vault so well that he received a well-deserved 9.2 for the highest score in that event, while Tom Phillipbar, 46, captured the top score on the Pommel Horse.  Old age?  Don’t tell that to these performers.

Although the older and more experienced “masters” gave impressive performances, the riskiest performances came from the much younger set.  This year, 19 year-old Jennifer Bingham impressed the crowd with solid performances on the Floor Exercise, the Uneven Bars, and the Balance Beam.  She also captured the best overall score for the women, 35.2, in the All-Around category.  For the men, 29 year-old Trevor Vondersaar turned in the best performance in the All-Around category.  Vondersaar also performed a difficult but very well executed Floor Exercise routine.

As in past years, the GMC saw performances from young and old alike. Ranging in age from 18 to 70+, twenty performers made the trip to Aliso Viejo to demonstrate what they can do in the sport they love most: gymnastics.  26 year-old Kellie French came all the way from Oregon just to participate in this event.  Some, such as Ross Shaw, Tom Phillipbar, and Masako Kardos, have participated in every GMC since 2000.  This year, 46 year-old Robert Levin had to withdraw with a pulled calf-muscle, which he attributed to improperly warming up prior to trying out his tumbling skills.

Continuing a tradition that was started at the first GMC in 2000, the audience of approximately fifty spectators was permitted to participate in a handstand contest and a handstand race.  The GMC-V was also made successful by the talents of Daniel Goglanian who, as Master of Ceremonies for the fifth time in as many years, did an outstanding job of keeping the audience informed and entertained. 

Gym Masters Classic V Final Results




Women’s All-Around

Jennifer Bingham (18-24)     35.20  

Becky Postmus (25-29)         33.40

Jessica O’Beirne (25-29)       30.80  

Masako Kardos (45-49)         25.00 (3 events)


Women’s Rope Climb

Bonnie Burrow (50-54)      13.02 sec (best of 3)  

Nancy Richards (55-59)     13.52 sec (best of three)


Women’s Tumble Trak

Jessica O’Beirne (25-29)     8.56


Women’s Vault

Jennifer Bingham (18-24)     8.10  

Becky Postmus (25-29)        8.30

Jessica O’Beirne (25-29)       8.10


Women’s Uneven Bars

Jennifer Bingham (18-24)    8.80  

Becky Postmus (25-29)        8.40

Jessica O’Beirne (25-29)      7.00  

Masako Kardos (45-49)       8.70


Women’s Balance Beam

Jennifer Bingham (18-24)    8.80

Kat Gunsur (18-24)             6.80  

Kellie French (25-29)          7.00

Becky Postmus (25-29)       8.10

Jessica O’Beirne (25-29)      7.90  

April Littlejohn (35-39)       6.80  

Masako Kardos (45-49)       7.50


Women’s Floor Exercise

Jennifer Bingham (18-24)    9.50  

Kellie French (25-29)          7.50

Becky Postmus (25-29)       8.60

Jessica O’Beirne (25-29)     7.80  

Masako Kardos (45-49)       8.80




Men’s Rope Climb

Phuong Phong (30-34)              7.33 sec (best time)  

William (Kim) Goodwin (55-59)    4.6 sec (best time)  

Bob Hammond (70-79)              6.52 sec (best time)

Sanford Werner (70-79)             6.08 sec (best time)


Men’s Tumble Trak

David Beattie (25-29)     8.00


Men’s Tumbling

David Beattie (25-29)     8.00


Men’s Floor Exercise

Trevor Vondersaar (25-29)    9.60

Eric Chansy (25-29)             7.30  

Phuong Phung (30-34)         8.00

Ross Shaw (45-49)              7.50


Men’s Pommel Horse

Trevor Vondersaar (25-29)    7.00  

Tom Phillipbar (45-49)          8.20


Men’s Still Rings

Anthony VanKirk (25-29)     8.00  

Phuong Phung (30-34)         8.40

Tom Phillipbar (45-49)         8.10


Men’s Vault

David Beattie (25-29)     8.50  

Ross Shaw (45-49)          9.20


Men’s Parallel Bars

Trevor Vondersaar (25-29)    8.50


Men’s Horizontal Bar

Trevor Vondersaar (25-29)    8.20

Anthony Vankirk (25-29)     7.70



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